Stuffed Nesting Doll

Phoebe helped me today with a little idea that had been popping around in my brain - nesting dolls. Matryroshka dolls are so intriguing aren't they?  Can they be sewn where you really un-nest them?  What about stuffed ones where kids can draw the face and design?
I made a little pattern and Phoebe got busy right away inspired by the various nesting dolls we have around the house.  She decorated hers with Fabric Fun pastels.  The two sides were machine sewn together - good sides facing out, so that you don't turn it.  Then she stuffed it and hand sewed up the hole.
Phoebe thought you should also see the back - she chose some fun umbrella fabric from the stash.

I am excited to make this for sewing camp - I think the kids will really like it.  If I can figure out how to scan my pattern, I'll do a tutorial for it so you can make one too (although you can probably figure it out yourself)!

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