Summer Reading: Made to Play!

Remember my big stack of summer reading? Well, I've started looking through them and am excited to share my thoughts with you.

I was excited to get Joel Henriques's book Made to Play!- I'm a big fan of his blog Made by Joel.  It's not just that he's a crafty dad, but it's the kind of things he makes - from wood working to sewing, he does it all.  I like that.
These little scrap wood dollhouses are super cute.  They also caught my husband's eye and we talked about making some for my classroom next year.  I can see them really working in the blocks area.
 There are several sewing projects as well.  While explicit directions are given, crafters are encouraged to do their own thing and create original designs.
Which brings me to the Zoo Blanket.  Such a great design, right?  I immediately thought about my Zoom Zoom mats and how I could do the same thing for animals.
 So I did.  Really, that is what craft books are for me, a jumping point for inspiration and creativity.

This is the outside - some cute vintage farm fabric I had in my stash.  Open it up and... are at the farm!  My Moo Mat is the size of a felt square. 
 The grass is fringy and loose so that kids can play with it.
The little plastic animals live in a red Moo barn that closes tight with velcro- we don't want any escapees!
The book is filled with so many fun toys for kids.  Most of the toys and games are for adults to make for kids, not for kids to make themselves. Well, at least that's what I think.  But Phoebe has her own ideas and thinks she'll try her hand at the Discovery Belt.  At any rate, we both think we need a wood burner - that looks like fun!

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