Frankie's Tool Belt

Like most 4 year olds, Frankie always has some accessories with him.  It might be a hammer, a boat, a car, or some kind of musical instrument.  Carrying these "tools" around is of utmost importance.  So, he asked me to help him sew a tool belt.  You know he didn't have to twist my arm!
He chose this terrible Thomas the Train fabric, but since it was his and he was being patient in the fabric store, I gave in despite my efforts to sway him towards cuter fabric.

I only bought a 1/4 yard of fabric, and fashioned an unlined version of the "Get to Work Apron" from Sewing School.   There are 2 big pockets, because that's what he wanted.  The tool belt ties in the back using ribbon.
The tool belt has come in handy for all sorts of projects, like making these sweet herb and flower arrangements.


Katie said...

So cute! We let my little guy wear a home depot tool belt sometimes and he absolutely adores it. There is nothing better than pockets to a little one, is there?

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Katie - the Home Depot tool belt would be fun and very official looking!