Chapstick Holder

What a handy way to keep your chapstick near when you need it.  The kids at Sewing Club loved this one and made several to give to family members as gifts. 

Supplies:  Felt scraps, stick on hook and loop tape, hook or ring for attaching, hand sewing supplies
 Make a simple pattern if you are making these with kids.  Ours was 8-1/2 x 2 inches.  Put a dotted line for a fold line 1-1/2  inches from the top.

Trace your pattern with chalk one time and cut out.
 2.  Line up the fabric with the pattern.  Fold the bottom up to meet the dotted fold line.  Pin in place.
 3.  Sew up the two sides.  You can use a running or whipstitch.
 4. Add about an inch of stick-on hook and loop tape to the top tab.  Press down hard so it will stick.
5.  Sew on a little hook so you can attach the chapstick holder to your bag. We found that attaching the hook to a little  piece of ribbon worked well.
6.  Now, add your favorite chapstick, hook onto your bag, and go!

There are so many variations for this project!  As you can see from the pictures, decorations (sticky foam pieces) were added.  You can also machine sew, make with cotton fabric, or close with a button.

I'm also thinking that this would be great for those face sunscreen sticks that I am always losing in my pool bag!

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