Bird on a String Mobile

 For a springtime project, we made sweet Bird on a String mobiles.  The kids got very excited about them and their variations were amazing (as always!).
For materials, we put out a simple bird pattern that a friend drew (it's the bird pictured in the top photo), some sticks my kids helped me gather, and yarn.  First, they sewed and stuffed their bird.  Eyes, wings, and other decorations were added as needed. 

To tie the bird to the stick we used craft thread.  Thread your needle and knot the tread as usual.  Now, push your needle through the top middle part of your bird.  Take the needle off the thread and tie the end of the thread around your stick.  Finish by tying a piece of yarn onto either end of the stick.
Some kids used images on fabric (like this butterfly), others made little signs, or a bunch of small things.  Everyone had so much fun with this project and couldn't wait to hang them up at home!

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