We Love Sewing!

Sewing  Club was a buzz with last minute Valentine handmade goodies for friends and family.  This week, I gave them a few simple projects to whip up if they desired.
I am in love with this Secret Message Valentine adapted from this Purl Bee project.  I made it a little more kid-friendly by instead of using 3 pieces, the kids cut out 2 hearts the same size.  Then, fold 1 heart in half and cut it across.  Next, sew the top and bottom pieces onto the other heart.  It worked out really well and the kids loved it.

 Heart pencil toppers were also a favorite.  Plus, you got a super cute Valentine pencil!  Note to self:  next year to make these in my classroom to give to our Third Grade Reading Buddies.
 This labor of love makes me smile!
Nothing says Valentine's day like two friends working together to finish a project. 

Hope your day was filled with love too!