2 x 2 Necklace

A simple beaded necklace, strung by 2's to help with counting.  We made our with Valentine's colors, but any color combo will do. 

We have been practicing counting by 2's.  Some kids get the pattern right away, but others need more practice.  Counting actual objects by 2's is very different than just looking at a number grid or knowing the counting pattern by memory. 
We used that skinny satin ribbon on a spool from Michael's that's only 50¢ a roll and tied a bead at the end for an anchor.  The kids used a plastic needle to put the beads on the ribbon.  Different color beads were placed on plates for easy finding. 
Counting, counting, counting by 2's.  The kids sat around all day pushing the pairs of beads away as they counted.  We just might finally be getting it.


Katie said...

What a really great idea to use the beads as counting practice! I will have to remember this one for when my little guy gets just a bit older. Thanks for sharing!

خياطة وتفصيل said...

Thank you for good job