Mrs. Shannon's Sewing Center

 Mrs. Shannon, who has the kindergarten classroom across the hallway, has one-uped me with a sewing center.  A sweet little area devoted to sewing.  As you can imagine, her kids love it and have been busy creating ever since.
 I love the sign welcoming the kids to sew and create.
 After the holiday break, the unused home living center was transformed into a simple sewing center.  I like how the materials are stored separately and spaced around the area to help the kids keep it neat and tidy and prevent crowding.  There is also a bin filled with a variety of fabrics and one for stuffing.
 A finished project!  To inspire, photos of kid-made projects and fun ideas fill a little journal.
A kid-made "This is Sewing Club" banner says it all!  I can't wait to see what comes out of Mrs. Shannon's sewing center.

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