Rosemary Wreath

These little rosemary wreaths are so perfect.  I made a few for some friends and then thought the kids might like to make some too.  I put a basket of rosemary from the school garden and everyone got excited.  Bonus, our classroom smelled great!

If you have a rosemary bush, you should make some too.  Here's how:
 1.  Cut 1 or 2 long sprigs about the same length.
 2.  Twist the 2 sprigs together.  Note, we only used 1 sprig in the classroom, they turned out just fine and were easier for little hands.
 3.  Now, bring the ends together into a wreath shape.  Overlap the ends slightly and secure.  We used my favorite binder, a piece of pipecleaner, but string or twist ties would work as well.
 4.  Cover up the pipecleaner with a bow.  Tie on a bow using ribbon or a strip of holiday fabric.
If you want, you can add a little string to hang it with or just slip the wreath over a door knob.

My co-teacher made a bunch and gave to friends along with a recipe that used rosemary - such a clever girl she is!

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