Santa Beard Advent Calendar

We are really excited about our new Santa Beard Advent Calendar that we're doing in kindergarten this year.  To count down to Christmas, you trim the beard each day.  Cute, right?  The original idea was found here via Pinterest, but we tweaked it a bit to make it kid friendly.

The countdown starts tomorrow, so you still have time to make one!  Here's how we did it.

We started with a template of the Santa face drawn so nicely by a fellow teacher - thanks, Cindy! 
 We painted the hat and face with watercolors.
 After the paint dried, we cut out the Santa face and glued on a mustache and red nose.  Both pieces were a template that the kids cut out.
 Cotton balls were glued on to the hat.
 Little eyes finished off the face.

 Now, let's make the beard.
We drew a beard on a legal sized sheet of paper with 25 lines.  Easy to copy and just big enough for writing.
The kids wrote numbers 1-25 on the beard in pencil first, then traced in Flair pen.  This proved to be a wonderful review of writing numbers.

To put it all together, put a line of glue on the 25th line of the beard and glue Santa on top.  Now you're done and ready to trim Santa's beard each day to count down to Christmas!

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