Sewing Machine Story

Lots of machine sewing went on at camp.  Most kids brought their own machines.  Each machine came with its own story.

This Viking belonged to Mary and Patrick's Great Aunt Sweetie.  It ran beautifully, but was a mystery on how to thread the thing - we finally figured it out.  Aunt Sweetie was an avid quilter and each kid has a quilt she made.

Stella loves her little machine and insists that it can do anything that a big one can.  Surprisingly, it pretty much can. 

"This is the same machine you have in your book!" exclaimed Frances.  It was a gift from Santa - good ol' Santa!
Lauren won the award for smallest machine.  It does a good job, but doesn't backstitch which is kinda a pain.
Neeley's mom drug her machine out of the closet so that she could bring it to camp.  Hopefully, it'll get more use now!

What's your machine story?


Anne said...

Love this post! I got my Singer for our wedding last year and have been loving relearning how to sew on a machine (they taught us machine sewing in middle school but not how to hand sew). Your book has been a big help to this grown-up who is trying to learn hand sewing.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Great post! My machine is a Kenmore that my Grandma bought in Sears in the '50s or '60s. It came with a table and needs to stay in it, so it's not very portable. It does cause me some grief, but I love it because it was hers. My favorite part about it is that she kept all the manuals and even the original receipt!