Sewing School Camp: Day 4

 Meet June, a little doll stitched by a rising 4th grader.  I love it when a young sewer has a vision. 
 First, a pattern was drawn.  See the pencil lines?  This was her original drawing.  Then, I had her go around it again to add a seam allowance.
 After tracing the pattern onto pink felt two times, she decorated the face and added a little button heart like another favorite doll, Raggedy Ann.
 She's all sewn and stuffed.  Yarn hair was whipstitched to the top and bows added.
Time for a dress - one that can you can really put on.  We decided on a simple A-line dress with a back button closure.  To get the fit right, I helped to make a dress pattern using the stuffed doll as a guide and adding about 1 inch seam allowance.  The dress was machine sewn.  Of course the pattern was kept so that more dresses could be sewn.
Isn't she just precious?!  Such a labor of love.

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