Sewing Club - Logistics

A reader asked about the logistics of my sewing club.  I can only tell you about my personal experience and how we handle the business side at my school, but maybe it will give you a little to go on if you are interested in starting up your own club or camp.  This is for you Kathleen!
Sewing Club is an enrichment class at my school, meaning that it is optional for parents to sign-up and happens for an hour after school.  The club runs once a week for 10 weeks for students from kindergarten to fourth grade.  The three kindergarten teachers run the club with occasional help from middle school students.  We don't have an enrollment cut-off for the club and usually have between 25 - 40 club members each semester.

Enrollment fees for the club are paid for through the school.  Currently, they are $90 plus a $15 materials fee.  We receive a portion of the enrollment and all of the materials fee.  So, sewing club buys and uses all of its own supplies.
Now, for Sewing Camp, I once again go through my school.  Enrollment for camp is $100 a week from 8am-12pm.  There isn't a separate materials fee.  We receive a portion of the camp fees and use it to also buy all of the supplies.  For camp, it's usually just Andria and me with about 35-40 kids ranging from kids going into 1st grade to 5th grade.  Since the camp lasts all morning, we tend to work on longer projects and take several breaks throughout the day.
If I wasn't part of a school, I think I would organize it similarly.  The ages, fees, and time frame are all very doable and similar to other enrichment clubs and camps in our area.  So, first look to see what the average art class or camp is doing and use that as a blueprint.  Our club is quite big, but I am also used to working with larger groups of children at a time.  I admit that we could do a lot more with a smaller group, but it's fun to sew with a big, excited, multi-aged group.  The only other sewing club that I have had contact with is Katie Jean who set up a sewing school in her home.  If you have any advice or experience, please chime in!

In our Sewing School book, we discuss in detail about organizing the projects, materials, etc. that go into a sewing club.  I have also try to give some pointers in that direction in my regular posts.  Hope this is helpful. I'd love to hear about what you're doing!

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