Weaving a Rainbow

This week we wove up a rainbow on our giant loom. I don't think I've shown all the other projects we've done so far, but it really is a wonderful addition to our classroom.
The warp thread is yarn pulled tight.   Then, we used fabric scraps to weave - this is the weft.  I tore strips about 2 inches wide in a variety of solids and small prints.  The loom also comes with a wide shuttle that looks like a giant wooden needle.  It's perfect for small hands to guide through.
For this project, I let the kids weave one at a time, but I've had up to 4 kids weaving at once.   There are lots of good weaving books out there, but I like The Goat in the Rug the best.

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kristin said...

just lovely Amie.

my favorite is that chubby little hand working the shuttle. children's hands are my favorite to observe when watching them at work.