Sewing Love

It's so nice to know that my students know me so well.  These special handmade Valentine's touched my heart. 

The "I love Soing" sign was painted on a canvas and is so cute.  It's hanging in my sewing room, of course!  The painted canvas is a great idea, I think we might try this for a parent gift in the future.
A heart-shaped pillow sewn with so much love.  Nick told me how he chose each piece of fabric and button with me in mind. 
This little pickle pal was stitched by a former student, who is now in 5th grade.  Her nickname is "pickle" and she made them as Valentines for all her classmates - I got one too!


katie jean said...

How sweet! And I just love pickle :) that must have been made with love for her to make one for each classmate.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I have a friend whose nickname is Pickle!