Be True to Your School

In Sewing Club, we have a lot of school pride.  A giant bag of worn-out school uniforms was donated to us.  Since our school logo is on them, we couldn't donate the clothes to a charity.  Students begin to wear uniforms in first grade, so the kindergarten students had fun sewing with "big kid" fabric!

Once again, the power of materials took over.  I love how they were each inspired to create something unique.  Plus, it was a great way to reuse and recycle.
 A cute pouch made from a sleeve and school logo.
 This little jumper purse is so cute!  I'm not sure of how practical, but does that really matter?
 Who is that masked 2nd grader?!
 Of course, headbands had to be made.
Pillows out of sweatshirts, fleeces, and jumper material were everywhere.


kathleen said...

wondering if you do a little post about the logistics f your sewing club? I do sewing classes afterschool, plus kidahave ample opportunity to sew in art class. i'd liekk to doa sewin club- maby a drop in? Do you charge fees ,etc. Set limits for # of kids
Any feed back would begreat
thanks so much

Amie Plumley said...

Great idea, Kathleen - I'll do it soon!