Wintertime Science

Winter in Memphis was like none other this year.  Our classroom Science Lab was sorely lacking in fun activities, but luckily, My Montessori Journey saved the day with the best activities ever!  I had to share our versions of these fab activities.
The felt snowflake making was a big hit.  It took a little while to put together, but now I'll have it for years to come.  Taking Laura's suggestion, we divided up the shapes into individual compartments - a muffin tin worked perfectly for this.

The animal tracks book was completed as a 15min. workshop.  Since we are working on writing complete sentences, I had the kids write about each animal.  Their knowledge never ceases to amaze me.
I designed this activity to practice making tallies.  We tallied cotton ball snowballs. I filled little paper bags labeled A-L with different number of snowballs. Then, the kids took out the snowballs and tallied the amount on a little worksheet labeled A-L.  

Yes, those are cheetah print wristies!

If you are a teacher or have little ones at home, you really should check out My Montessori Journey. Seriously, she has the best ideas!  I included a few more activities in the Science Lab, but failed to take pictures.  As a non-Montessori trained teacher, I have learned so much from Laura about how to successfully organize an independent activity.  Have fun learning!

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