Excuse Me, are you the Cat in the Hat?

 This Cat in the Hat hat is guaranteed to transform anyone into an instant Dr. Seuss sensation.  I made this tutorial for my class and thought you might like to make one too.  It's meant to be very simple and independent for kids of all ages to make.

Materials:  1/2 sheet white copy paper, 1 sheet red construction paper or cardstock, 1 sentence strip (or other long strip of paper), glue stick, stapler, scissors, pencil.

Let's get started!  Phoebe & Winnie will show us how.
 Step 1:  Cut white paper into strips.
 Step 2:  Glue the white strips onto red paper.  Look, stripes!  At this point, if you want to shape the hat so it's not so rectangular you can.
 Step 3:  Staple the red paper onto the sentence strip.
 Step 4:  Measure the ends of the sentence strip around your head.  Ask a friend to help you.
 Step 5:  Staple the ends of the sentence strip together to fit your head.
 Step 6:  Don't forget to put your name on the back!
Hello, Dr. Seuss!

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katie jean said...

It is perfect! My kids had crazy hat day at their school to celebrate :) But I do love this!