Quick Page Turners

 I love love to read at night, but my little fingers get so so chilly.  I had been talking about making some reading mittens for awhile now, but wasn't sure what they should look like.

Inspired by this great how-to at maya*made, I made some cozy pager turners.  I cut the sleeves off a shrunken sweater about halfway between my elbow and wrist, cut a thumb slit right where the cuff meets the arm, and there you have it!  Since I'm just wearing them with my PJ's, there's no need to get all fancy with it.  I do like Maya's little pintucks and buttons, however, and may have to make a pair for wearing out too.

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mayaluna said...

Love your stripy page turners! Just wanted you to know that I bought Sewing School for one of my daughter's 6th b-day presents last week. We both love it! It's really perfect for young sewers. What a wonderful book!