Into the Woods Tapestry - Week 1

This month, we are discussing Fairy Tales so we had to make a tapestry to go with it.  I chose the theme of "Into the Woods" thinking that the idea was narrow enough yet open to interpretation.  Of course, so many great Fairy Tales take place in the woods.  We talked about wooded areas and looked at a few inspirational photos to get us started. 
Here is the tapestry after 2 days.  If you're wondering, my table is from Blueberry Forest Toys and I love it so! 
I divide my class into groups of 3 to sew.  They measure yarn using the side of the table as a guide and sew onto burlap using blunt tapestry needles.  I love how the tapestry starts off as a blank slate and slowly grows into a work of art.  Here, grass is being added.
A lot of discussion goes on at the tapestry table.  Mostly it's about sewing and what should be done next.  Getting underneath the table is the best part (or so I'm told).
Here it is at the end of the week. Everyone had 15 minutes to sew.  One day it rained, so raindrops started coming down alongside the trees.  There's a tent and a campfire too.  Everyone will sew again next week and we'll see what emerges. 

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kristin said...

i'm so happy to see continued postings with the tapestry table amie...while we finally just got a sensory table for my preschool, the tapestry table still remains top of the list.