It's a book!

 UPS delivered a big ol' box of books tonight.  It's official - Sewing School has arrived!  Phoebe promptly got herself a copy and started going through it page by page.  I love her enthusiasm.
 Andria, Justin & I dedicated the book to our moms who shared their love of sewing with us.  Hopefully I'll pass the sewing gene on to Phoebe.  We also hope that you'll pass sewing on to the little ones in your life.
Here she is, pointing out her picture in the book.  She informed me that she is a much better sewer now.

I hope that you'll love Sewing School as much as we do!  I hope to share more stories from the book in the weeks to come.


Ana said...

I can't wait to get my hands on it! Can you tell us a bit about the projects featured in it? Thanks and good luck with the book!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Ana - yes, I will tell about some projects soon - thanks for asking!