Gobble, Gobble!

 For our last day of Sewing Club, we made these adorable turkey centerpieces found via The Crafty Crow.  Each one is different and so cute! 
We have found that even kindergartners do well with low-temp glue guns.  A few tips:  We used old CD's covered with felt for our base, much easier than cutting out cardboard.  When stuffing the gloves, use a little bit of stuffing and push it up each finger, then stuff the hand part.  Tell the kids to put the glue on the glove and not whatever they are gluing on such as the buttons or beak.

These were so simple and cute, I will have to do them next year in my classroom - a real winner!
To celebrate our last session, Mrs. Shannon made her famous button cookies!   It was a fun semester in Sewing Club - we'll be back again in January!

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