Weaving a Web

These simple webs are fun to make and look great hanging.   They are the perfect addition to a bug unit.

Materials needed - paper plate, hole punch, yarn, scissors, paper and drawing materials
Cut the center out of the paper plate.  To make this easier for kids, pre-cut a slash in the middle of the plate.
 Now,  punch holes around the center circle.  You can make as many holes as you want.
Time to measure.  3 yards of yarn seems to be the perfect amount for weaving.   We showed the kids how to measure 3 lengths of yarn on a yard stick.  Many of them worked together to get it done.
Make like a spider and weave!  First, tie one end of the yarn to the plate and then begin to "weave" the yarn in and out of holes.  We used plastic needles, but you can also add a little tape to the end of the yarn to help it go through the holes easily.  Kids love this part.  They can go back and forth and through the holes any which way and use holes more than once.
Once the web is complete, make a knot in the yarn.  Now, it's time to draw a big spider and some cute little bugs.  Cut out the bugs and slip them between the yarn.  They will just stay there tight and cozy.
You might want to glue or tape the spider to the edge of the plate.  
I presented this project as a "follow the directions" activity.  I wrote down each step in simple language with a mini example. Each one is different.  They look so cute hanging from our classroom's ceiling!


Bego Alba said...

Hola, quería daros las felicidades por este proyecto, que me parece maravilloso,pena q en España no lo haya, os conozco a través de DMC, y de verdad, enhorabuena, os seguiré, Besitos, Begoña

Craftysquirrel said...

I like this little project - looks perfect for small hands just learning to sew - love the examples you show.

Scott said...

I must say - this is one of the best ideas I've seen recently. Thanks for sharing. I will be using this in the future.

Craftysquirrel said...

We just made this - was fun , our result here http://sweetgeorgiathecraftysquirrel.blogspot.com - thanks

esperanza said...

Great craft for children. My sons do not like sewing very much but I think they will love this project, because of the bugs and spiders. I will try tomorrow!