Button Tapestry

 Our first tapestry of the year is now hanging proudly in the hallway.  The kids were so eager to sew (I'm the "sewing teacher" you know) and really took to the community aspect of the Tapestree Table.

Allow me to take you through our process...
 The table starts out as a blank slate - I used black burlap, because that's all I had on hand and a trip to Hancocks was not in me.
 The first week, they learned how to measure yarn on the side of the table, cut yarn, thread needles, and do basic sewing.
 The second week, we added buttons.  I used buttons with large holes or shank to fit through the tapestry needles we use. 
 Learning to sew on buttons was a big deal.  They always want to put the buttons on the needles right away.  I teach the kids to first put the yarn up through the burlap, then slide the button on the needle and down to the fabric.  Then you either sew through the other holes or sew down near the first hole for a shank button. 
 Looking under the table is the highlight of sewing on the Tapestrey Table. 
For me, the highlight is seeing such concentration in their little faces and the pride of sewing a first project.

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kristin said...

everytime i see your tapestry table, i just get that urge to make it work for my preschoolers, i just HAVE to do it!!