Water Bottle Holder

Sewing Club HQ is always looking for projects that little sewers can find use for in their everyday lives.  We love stuffed animals and pillows, but really, how many do you need?  A water bottle holder is perfect for the kid on the go!

When designing this project, I drew inspiration from The Long Thread's design.  I wanted to make sure that the holder would be sturdy enough to hold a full bottle of water, but also be kid-friendly.  This meant no stitches on the bottom and a simple design.

The kids loved making them and I think you will too.

Materials needed - cotton fabric cut 19 x6, 1 yard ribbon or twill tape for handle, 2 feet of ribbon or yarn for drawstring, needle, tread, sewing machine

 How to: (directions to follow the photos above)
1.  Turn down the ends about 1 inch.  Sew a running stitch along the bottom edge.
2.  Fold the fabric in half and match ends.
3. Sew a whipstich up the sides.  Stop at the running stitch you made.  Put a pin at the top to hold the sides together.
4.  Thread a ribbon through the top casing with a safety pin.  Younger children needed help with this step.  Tie ends of ribbon together.
5.  Use a machine to add the handle.  I put each end on either side of the bag for balance.  No sewing machine?  Just hand sew the handle securely on either side.
6.  Add a bottle of water and go!
The kids were excited to make something that they could use during their school day - water on the playground is a must!

The dimensions of bag could easily be altered to fit any water bottle.  I found that this bag is generous enough to both handle mistakes as well as fit various water bottles.
The girl scout water bottle holder may be my favorite of the day. Made by a Brownie who likes to be prepared.

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