Pack Your Lunch!

 I have to share this amazing discovery with you - Kindergarteners can pack their own lunches!  Really, they can!  By having Phoebe do this simple task, I have saved at least 5 precious minutes in the morning and a lot of headache (I really hate packing her lunch).

So, what I did to make this process independent as possible, is to set up a little Lunch Making Station in the kitchen.  I just cleared off a shelf for her and stocked it with a few supplies - lunchbox, reusable baggies, her special lunch foods, and utensils.  For her protein (she really likes just plain turkey), we fill up 5 small tupperware containers on Sunday with just the right amount of turkey so she can just take them out and pop one in her lunch box each day.
 Here are a few of her reusable snack bags that are working out great.  The only problem is that most snacks don't last for more than one day, so you have to eat them the day they are packed.  The front ones are the Snack Attack! bags I designed for Sewing Camp and the yellow one is from Angry Chicken.  I tried lining it, which made it too bulky, so I'd recommend staying with her instructions.
So far, having Phoebe pack her own lunch has been a win-win.  She feels grown up and knows exactly what's in her lunch box.  She also goes shopping with me to pick out her lunch and snack. 

If you have kids at home, I encourage you to give this a try too.  As a teacher, it's so frustrating to see kids be disappointed by their lunch or not eat.  As a mom, it saves time and gives your child responsibility.

Happy lunchtime!


rObrak said...

Those are nice and cute. I like it! But if you're looking for another eco-friendly ideas, why not use stainless steel tiffin containers? This type of container is also safe to use, reusable and you can carry it anywhere you go without any difficulty. It's perfect for outgoing activities such as picnics, camping. Perfect for school and office use, especially at home.

Ann said...

My three boys (9, 7 and 7) do their lunches. I have a list on the fridge with four columns and they are supposed to pick one thing off each list. I did warn them that I may not have all items stocked at all times. I also have a list of snack food they can just take when hungry rather than asking me. Boys are always hungry.

Amie Plumley said...

Great idea, Ann - thanks for sharing!