Nature at Our School: Seed Gathering

 Like little squirrels preparing for winter, we gathered seeds for next spring.   Deadheads from various flowers in the school garden were picked and sorted. 
The conversations about the shape, color, and amount of seeds was great.  We also discussed why we should gather seeds, why flowers make their own seeds, and how flowers are replanted.  Even for kindergarteners, I was impressed by their insights and ideas.
At the suggestion of another teacher, we stored the seeds into old Altoids tins that a neighbor had saved for me.  We now have sunflowers, zinneas, purple coneflowers, and marigolds waiting to be planted next year.

On a side note, the room pictured in the middle picture is the new "Green Room" at our lower school.  It's a place for gardening, messy art, and other things that you might not have space for in your classroom.  I love it!  (I also made the curtains for it, so I am a little biased.)  Hopefully you'll see us in there a lot more this year.


Conny said...

What a great lesson plan! I love it. I like that you're showing them an appreciation for the "little" things too ~ seeds are the little package that promises great things to come. :>)

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Conny! I love the idea of seeds being a "little package"!