My Favorite Kindergartener

Every year I look forward to reading Ramona the Pest to my class.  Every year the kids love it and look forward to hearing it during rest time. 

If you haven't read this Ramona classic in awhile, Ramona is in kindergarten.  While her class is a little different than ours (29 kids and only 1 poor Miss Binney!), there are some things that just never change.  Ramona is learning to form letters correctly right along with us, and she too has friend problems and is excited about Show and Tell.

As a teacher, it reminds me how excited the kids are to be in kindergarten and how important the love and understanding of their teacher is to them. 

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kristin said...

how could i possibly have forgotten about one of my childhood favorites?!! i will have to dig it out and read it to my first grader...i'm sure it will conjure up many memories.

thanks for the reminder!