Don't Lose Your Backpack!

These backpack tags were a big hit last year, so we decided to make them again for our kindergarten students.  They lasted all year long and no one ever lost a backpack!
This year, we used origami paper which came in fun designs.  The Crazy Critter class got animal prints! 

Our tags are big - about 6 inches long, but you can make them whatever size you want.  It really depends on your label and font size.

Materials Needed:  labels (a little smaller than your tag size), origami paper, ribbon, lamination

Make a backpack tag:
First, print labels with the names.  Next, fold the origami paper in half and glue the sides together with gluestick.  Now, stick the label onto one side.  Carefully cut around the label leaving an edge.  The back of the tag is just the origami paper.  We took our tags to a copy place to be laminated with thicker lamination than we have at school. Cut around lamination (leave a slight edge), punch holes, and add ribbon.  Tie onto your bag!

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