Square Quilt

 Here is the newest addition to the 3rd grade quilts.  For the past few years, I've put the finishing touches on the class-made quilt.  They usually sew the quilt top in the spring and then I quilt it during the summer.  The kids requested a square quilting pattern, so that's what I attempted.  I take great comfort knowing that these little quilts are used only by children.  They tend not to judge.

Last year, the quilt top was a math lesson.  The teachers do a great job of weaving in history of quilting, color patterns (do you see the light, dark, light dark pattern in there?), and math.  In fact, if you live in Tennessee, Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Bruno will be sharing their quilt making magic at the TAIS conference
Are you wondering what's up with the M&M fabric?!  It's the quilt back.  Believe it or not, it was once curtains!  Can you imagine?  To top it off, it's flannel - very cozy.

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