Pocket Full of Gold

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I came up with a quick little Pocket Full of Gold coin keeper. We will be making them during Sewing Club on Monday, so I'll show you the kids' versions next week.

The steps below are written in kid language for easy sewing.

Materials needed: 1/2 felt square, stick on velcro (or button), needle and thread, chalk, pattern. My pattern is about 4 x 2 1/2 inches. I made mine into more of a pot of gold shape, but you could do something different.

Step 1: Trace pattern with chalk 2 times onto felt. Cut out felt. If you want to decorate your pocket, do that now. I sewed on a monster from some cute fabric I had.

Step 2: Sew around pocket. Start at one top corner and go all around. I used a whipstitch, but a running stitch is fine too. Don't make your stitches too big, or your gold might fall out!

Step 3: Add velcro to close it. Measure your piece to be a little smaller than than the top opening. Carefully stick velcro to inside of pocket. You might need adult help. No velcro? Add a button instead.

Step 4: Put in gold!

You could make your pocket into a little purse by adding some ribbon to either top side.

Here are my first attempts - I was going for a real pot 'o gold with a caldron shape and gold buttons for the "gold." While I don't hate them, I didn't love them. So I changed my plan to just be a simple coin keeper.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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