Everyday is a Seuss Day!

Yes, I know Dr. Seuss's birthday was last week, but I wanted to share the highlights from our "Theo's Thursday" celebration. Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel) is a kindergarten dream. His books are so accessible and just right for these little learners.

We, of course, ate green eggs to go along with Green Eggs and Ham. But since we are in the south, we made biscuits instead of ham. A big hit, I say!

Here are some of our other activities-

The Foot Book's Silly Sandals

How to: Keep your shoes on and trace each foot onto cardboard (good use of recycled cardboard). Cut out feet tracings. Decorate sandals if you desire (we used markers and dot painters). Tape a 2 inch wide cardstock strap to the underside of the sandal. Try on! You might have to adjust the straps.

There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

How to: Inspired by this, we decided to use library pockets and make popsicle stick wockets. Just put out a lot of different materials for the kids to create with. We pre-made the pockets with string for easy craft and go. There were no shortage of cute little wockets running around!

The Cat in the Hat hat

How to: Cut a wavy edge on a piece of red construction paper. Now, cut out white strips and glue them to the red paper. Next, staple the red and white paper to the center of a sentence strip or long piece of narrow paper. Measure around head and staple shut. Ta da! A Dr. Seuss hat!

Horton Hears a Who clover bookmark

How To: We really liked this activity, but didn't have green pencils, so we thought - bookmarks! Cut strips of green cardstock into 2 inch strips. Hot glue a big pompom for the clover and a little pompom for Whoville and you've got it. The kids also decorated the stems or wrote on them.

Hope you have your own Seuss fun!

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