3 Ways to Wear Green

Who wants to get pinched? Not me! That's why I always make sure to wear a little green on St. Patrick's Day. It can be hard for kids (and adults) with uniforms and whatnot, so here are 3 quick and easy ways to guarantee you won't get pinched! I love the springiness of clovers.

All you need is some green felt and a few notions that you probably already have on hand.

Draw It
I tried to make some shamrock patterns and stencils for kids, but they proved to be too difficult. Make your own 3-leaf clover by drawing 3 connecting hearts and add a little stem. I like to draw on the back of the felt so when you cut it out, it looks all clean and neat.

Pin It On
This sweet clover (yes, I realize it has 4 leaves!) was cut out of felt. Then, add a button to the middle of the clover and a pinback to the otherside. I used the same length of thread to sew on the button and pinback. No pinbacks? A safety pin works just as well. You could also hot glue the clover to the pin back.

Hang It
Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a Shamrock pennant. This quick as sodabread necklace is made by sewing a button to the middle of the clover and then through both ends of ribbon on the back. Use the same length of thread for both. A shorter ribbon makes a cute bracelet.

Clip It
A little something green in your hair is always nice. This shamrock barrette was made by gluing a piece of ribbon to the top of the barrette. Then, a clover was glued on top. Clip on and away you go! Note - be sure to think about which side of your head you want to wear the barrette before gluing on the clover - you don't want it to be upside down or tricky to put on.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's to not getting pinched!

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JOYfilled Family said...

Thanks for sharing this simple idea. My girls worked on this project today right after they saw your post. Aside from a couple of melt-downs due to the challenges my 6 yo faced with cutting the felt, all went well.  You can view our creations here.
Thanks - Lena