Favorite Burp Cloth - a Tutorial

A friend asked me to make a stack of burp cloths for her to give as gifts. While I was at it, I thought I'd show you how to make them too. They are quite easy and everyone always loves them. I have tried various methods and materials, but this is my favorite.

What you need:
*fabric (6in x 12 in) - pick something you would like to have on your shoulder - with a newborn, you wear them constantly - even when you sleep! Who knew?
*rickrack - coordinating color, but not too matchy, matchy
*cloth diaper - I use prefolded cloth diapers. There is the kind that have "asorbant padding" but I find them to be too thick and bulky.

Cut your fabric panel. I cut mine 6 x 12, but you could go thinner.

Fold under and press edges - about 1/2 inch. I don't measure or anything here...
Cut your rickrack the same length as your finished fabric piece - about 11 inches or so. Fray check the ends then let it dry on paper.

Here's the trick - you put your coordinating fabric thread on the top and use white for your bobbin. This way, the thread won't show on the back of the burp cloth. I like to use a thread that goes with my rickrack, so I don't have to change thread.

Edge stitch around the fabric panel. I like to pin my fabric down first. It tends to slip a little on the cloth diaper. Also, don't be worried that the bottom ends of your cloth diaper aren't straight. I concentrate on getting my fabric panel straight and it always turns out fine.

I like to sew around the fabric panel twice - first an edge stitch and the next a little further out. This is just me, you could try a zig zag stitch or just sew around once.

Now, pin the rickrack to the other end of the cloth diaper. Once again, the ends may seem wonky, but try to get the rickrack straight. Sew right through the middle of the rickrack.

There you go, it's ready to use!
I usually make several at a time - get all the fabric panels and rickrack ready and then start sewing.

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youthlarge said...

i love your burpcloths!