Arctic Region Animals - Igloos

While Igloos really have nothing to do with Arctic animals, we thought it would be fun to turn our Science Lab into a Research Igloo. To get us started, we watched this video, which is admittedly outdated, yet fascinating.

Due to space, we decided to build a facade of a milk jug igloo on the bottom of our loft. Everyone brought in empty, clean (please!) milk jugs and they were carefully hot glued to the side of the loft. I have to admit, there was a lot of melting of the igloo that went on - not sure if they were too heavy, not enough support underneath...anyway, it was cute, but didn't last long. At least we could recycle the igloo when it was finished!

We also made igloos out of sugar cubes. This is harder than it looks! It takes good fine motor, patience, and thought. Not to mention the willpower needed to not lick your fingers! I used 3 boxes of sugar cubes for 5 or 6 kids.

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