Arctic Region Animals - Publishing

Little authors sharing their books.
Everyone chose a specific animal to research and write about. Narwhals and polar bears were the most popular.

We published the books using the school's spiral binder. The kids were thrilled to help me turn their written work into a real book.
Covers were carefully watercolored.
During our Workshop time, the kids answered sentence starters about their animals. Facts such as - how they keep warm and the animal's habitat - as well as fun things like - why I like it. While the kids did most of the illustrations, I supplied them with a photograph found on the internet for the first page.

We also wrote fictional stories with the Arctic animal as the main character.
"Yoda and Darth Vader and Luke Macaroni Penguin." (we are Star Wars crazy!)
"I wish that I lived with her." (this is the ending to a sweet story about the author and a polar bear)
We proudly read our books and stories to each other as well as our 3rd grade reading buddies.

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