Arctic Region Animals - Research

Are you ready for a journey into the Arctic Regions? Come with us!
First, we did a lot of "research" to find out what kinds of animals live in the Arctic Regions (both north and south pole areas). This was done through a ton of great books from our library (thanks, Mrs. Fons!) and watching The March of the Penguins during rest time. Everyone got a folder filled with paper draw and write about animals they discovered. We also wrote an Arctic dictionary and found the regions on a map. I loved hearing the kids talk about "doing research."

We then made a list of Arctic "Buzz Words." I wrote the word and they illustrated it. The kids referred to the chart throughout the process to help in identifying animals and writing.

We were very interested in the size of the animals. I divided the class into small groups. Their mission was to measure the size of a chosen animal using old bulletin board boarder.
Writing down the information...
Carefully measuring (I rounded everything to the nearest foot)...
Seeing how big (the smallest was the Arctic hare at 2ft long, the largest was the narwhal at 15ft long)...

Finding out about blubber was great fun. If you haven't experienced the blubber glove, you should!
By the end of the first week, the kids were talking about the animals, acting out scenes on the playground, and really working together.

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