Just One More Halloween Post

Last night, for the first time in years, I really "committed" to a costume -- without spending a dime! Hours before the holiday, and with three parties looming, I decided to dress up as a scarecrow. I pulled an old cotton blouse out of the closet, and paired it with a pair of baggy khakis that I seldom wear. Went through my scrap fabric for various patches, which I tacked onto my clothes with cotton thread. Attached a crow from Halloweens past onto a kid-sized cowboy hat that I just happened to have on hand, and, for the final details, I drew on freckles and made bands of pine needles for my wrists and legs. I have to thank Amie for that one -- she gave me a quick phone tutorial on "nature bracelets" held together with packing tape! Anyways, the costume was a big hit. Hope you had a happy Halloween too!

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