Hope You Got Lots of Treats!

Phoebe was a beaver and Frankie was a Philadelphia Flyers hockey player.

Yes, a beaver. Her Junior Kindergarten class is called the "Bucky Beavers" so she thought it was the funniest thing to be a beaver in the beaver class. Phoebe designed the costume and sewed the bucky orange teeth and beady black nose on the mask. I never got a good pic of her with the mask on, but it was quite cute. We used faux animal skin for the long, flat tail.

Frankie's black eye is really just washable marker. Eric said he looks more Little Rascals than hockey player, but it's hard to put a black eye on a squirmy kid!

Hope you had just as much fun!

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youthlarge said...

awesome sewing job, phoebe! how many minutes did frankie spend in the penalty box?