Button Cookies

Besides having our Stuffed Animal Clinic, we also had a little party on the last day of Sewing Club. A highlight is watching a slide show of all the pictures taken during the course of the semester. Plus, there's always a sewing-themed treat from Mrs. Shannon. This year was button cookies.
The kids enjoyed "sewing" their cookies with icing. Some got more carried away than others....
If you want to make your own button cookies, Mrs. Shannon recommends using a basic sugar cookie recipe (even a bag mix will work). Cut the cookies into circles and bake. When the cookies are almost done, take them out and use a straw to make 4 holes. Let cool and then add icing. She added food coloring to the mix and made orange and purple buttons, too.

Note: Making the holes before the cookies bake is NOT a good idea. The holes will cook back together and you don't get the cute button effect.

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Andria Lisle said...

how fun! wish I could've been there to celebrate the end of the semester!