Stuffed Animal Clinic

As a give-back our school, the Sewing Club hosted a Stuffed Animal Clinic as our last club meeting of the semester. Students can drop off their injured and over-loved stuffed animals for some TLC.
I covered little cardboard animal carriers with cute fabric and directions for easy drop-off. The carriers were spread around the school. Then, students could just fill out a tag, attach it to the animal and place it in the box. Teachers were happy because it was easy for them!
This little doggie lost an ear! A new ear was carefully made out of felt and reattached. (I need to remember to get some fake fur for next year's clinic.)
During the hour, we re-stuffed a snake, put new eyes on a boston terrier, and sewed up many a torn animal.
One of the best parts was that we paired up younger and older students. It's nice for the kids to see how useful their new sewing skills can be while helping out their friends.

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Pink & Green Mama said...

I love this idea : ) Such a lovely and fun way to give back!!