Shape Pillows - Circle

This pile of pillows is the first in a series of Pattern Block Shape Pillows sewn by Libby Shannon's kindergarten class. If you aren't familiar, pattern blocks are specific shapes that we use in our math program. They include the trapezoid and rhombus which can be confusing for 5 year olds. We use them to explore patterns and fractions.

To help become familiar with the shapes, the class is sewing felt pillows of each shape. I was impressed with the tiny whipstitches made by the kids. Libby said that the highlight was picking out the color of felt and thread. She also commented on how the kids really concentrated on them and looked forward to sewing each day. I'm not sure, but I would say that the pillows are roughly 10 inches round. She pre-cut the circles for the sake of time.


Gingham Skies said...

I am thrilled to have stumbled across your blog! You have so many great projects for kids.

Do you have any book suggestions for helping a relatively new sewer who would like to run a sewing club?

Amie Plumley said...

I took a peek at your blog too -very cute!

As for kids sewing books - there isn't a whole lot out there. I tend to find my ideas on other blogs or take a complicated pattern and re-do it for kids. I find that by breaking sewing projects into very simple steps, kids have more success.

I hope that helps! I've listed a few sewing books under the "books" label.

Gingham Skies said...

Thanks for the advice. :)

I'll definitely be stopping in often to see what you're up to here at the Sewing School and when the day arrives that I start up my own club I'll be sure to let you know. :)