Time to Make the Donuts

I have vivid memories of making donuts in my kindergarten class. That's what I want to share with my students - those experiences that still remain 30 years later. When we got to the letter D, I thought "it's about time to make some donuts."

It turns out that making donuts is easier than I thought.

Step 1: Use those rolls of refrigerator biscuits (the plain, really cheap kind). Make a big hole in the middle - think bracelets.

Step 2: Fry the donuts up in more grease than you have ever imagined. I was a little nervous about this part, but it went fine. It only takes about 5 seconds or so per side once the grease is hot.

Step 3: Put donuts in a paper bag (we doubled ours for strength) filled with powered sugar and shake, shake, shake.

Step 4: Eat! Yum oh yum!

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