Cat Mat

I was thrilled to find these pictures in my inbox from an Advanced Sewing School Camp grad. They are so cute and just perfect for a little cat nap.

From Emma's mom:
"Emma amazed me yesterday by creating a quilt (for our cats)--while I was out on a bike ride with Ben! She machine stitched a quilt with batting--by herself. So she learned a lot at your camp.

She made a simple pillow shape (3 sides sewn) and turned it right side out. She inserted flat batting and then topstitched with the machine in a tic-tac-toe shape. Then she finished the top edge by folding it down--I would not recommend that part. She could have just tucked in the top edges and topstitched that, too.

Hustle and Sew, what can I say?"

It seems that brother was jealous, so he got a cat mat of his own. In this version, the opening of the mat was closed without being folded down - just sewn shut across the top. I am once again amazed by how kids can take an idea and run with it!

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Pink & Green Mama said...

Awesome -- My cats would love them!! They look like the sleeping bag I made for my daughter's doll -- our cats love to take naps on it : )