Fairy Godmother

Recently, Phoebe has decided that she really has no interest in wearing anything I sew for her. As you can imagine, my heart is nearly broken. She needed a princess and the pea skirt! I mean, how can a girl start Jr. Kindergarten without one? Who could make Phoebe one that she would wear?

Luckily, her Fairy Godmother answered my call. I think she used a 1/2 yard (because that's all she could get her hands on) of Heather Ross's wonderful fabric. Looking at it, I'm sure it's the Oliver & S Lazy Days Skirt pattern.

The night before her first day of school, there was a package sitting on her bed with the skirt and Lauren Child's Princess and the Pea. The pretty package had a note attached signed by her Fairy Godmother. Phoebe was excited and then realized that she must indeed be a "real princess." (she has always suspected as much)

Phoebe is now wondering what her Fairy Godmother will make next....maybe something more twirly?

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