Princess Stories

Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess...

Phoebe has begun to write her own princess stories. I made her a simple blank book and she just took off. Eric and I act as her "secretary" while she illustrates and tells us her story. I love how she incorporates her own ideas with those of traditional fairy tales (namely Cinderella) - the characters in her story always go to the ball and ride in a coach.

Speaking of traditional fairy tales, it has been painful for me to read her some of those horrible Disney princess tales. The ones that use illustrations from the Disney movies and just don't sound good read aloud.

We have managed to find a few good books that both the illustrations and read-aloud are doable for both mother and daughter.

I thought I'd share some favorites:
Cinderella by Cynthia Rylant featuring artwork by Mary Blair - this book reads beautifully. (I noticed she has Snow White coming out soon!)
Snow White by Laura Ljungkvist - we love to "follow the lines"
Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child - her miniature world makes me swoon!

If you have other books to add to my list, please do! I know that we are just discovering these.

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