Quick - Let's Go!

I'm always looking for the perfect "on the go" little bag. Something that can hold my essentials (wallet, phone, keys, chapstick, and sunglasses) as well as fit into a diaper bag or my work bag. Plus, I have to be able to carry it solo, for those rare outings on my own.

Anyway, the bag I was using was beginning to fall apart. I flipped through my craft books and came across the "Artsy Clutch" from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book and got inspiration. I decided to "bend the rules" - the bag is wider and shallower than the original. I also decided not to line it with flannel but added a wrist handle. This whole process actually took a lot longer than it should have and required much use of my seam ripper. We'll see how it works. While I'm super happy with the result, I'm afraid that my keys might fall out!

P.S. The fabric is Lizzy House.

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