Sewing Cards

My class made their very own bug-themed sewing cards. I love the one above, a spider wearing a hat with a little family at the bottom. Last year, I got the bright idea and they were a big hit. I was thrilled to see the project was part of Amanda Soule's The Creative Family.

These are so easy to do. First, the kids draw the image on poster board with markers. I then cut around the image and have them laminated. Lastly, I cut around the lamination and punch holes all around. If you are doing them at home, the poster board alone would be fine.
Instead of using threading laces, I found some plastic sewing needles to use when sewing them. The kids felt like they were really sewing.
Part of the fun was sewing friends' cards. When one was completed, it was promptly shown to its designer for approval. The sewing cards will be part of our classroom materials this year.

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Pececito arcoiris said...

Seems a very funny activity to do at home with my children!