Little Book

Sewing Club has begun! We have 40 kids from SK - 4th grade all eager to sew. As you can imagine, it's a little crazy for the hour that we meet.

The first project was to make a personal needle books to help keep track of needles. Perfect for any sewer's sewing basket! The little books are filled with a single number 20 tapestry needle and fasten neatly with a cute button. The sewers traced a simple pattern (3x5) onto felt, cut it out, sewed on a button, and cut a small slit for the button.

I like how this little sewer embroidered a small flower onto the book. She also cut the book down so that it just fits a needle - too cute!


Anonymous said...

hi there is age five ok to start sewing? I am still not sure. did you say "kindergarten" because I can't tell what "SK" is in your post above for age range .tx

Lani said...

I love this little project! I homeschool my kindergarten daughter. She wants to sew so badly! I'll be back to check out more projects.

Team Plumley said...

Yes, 5 is the age of the kids that I start sewing with (SK is "Senior Kindergarten" - sorry!). I find that this is a great age to start at. Younger kids can sew, but use large, blunt tapestry needles with yarn and burlap.

kimberly said...

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katty said...

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