Toddler Sewing Club

Halloween Toddler Sew for 2's and 3's
Tuesday, October 7, 9am
Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School, Memphis, TN
free fun for you and your child 
 I am super excited to turn make these fun Jack-O-Hoops with little ones.  Hope you can join me for some fun!
Not able to make the toddler sew?  I'll be posting a tutorial after the workshop.

Apple Pillow

This week in Sewing Club, we celebrated fall and Johnny Appleseed's birthday with a cute apple pillow.
The pattern is actually the Apple Pincushion from Sewing School enlarged on a photocopier by 250%. It ended up being about the size of a standard piece of paper.   I love being able to use a familiar pattern in a new way!  We made ours with cotton fabric and used felt for the stem and leaf.  Just follow the directions for the Apple Pincushion to make the pillow.
 Love this granny smith pillow!
 To add to the fun, we had an apple tasting with four different kinds of apples.  Gala won hands down!

Happy fall sewing!

Staple Dress Workshop

 The Staple Dress Workshop at Sew Memphis last weekend was a big success!

Getting the right fit.  I love how this dress looks good on any body shape and can be easily tweaked to create a new look.  If you haven't tried this pattern yet, but are thinking about it - you should give it a go!
 Sewing with these lovely ladies was a joy!  I hope to teach another adult sewing class soon.

Scrappy Bookmarks

 I made Scrappy Bookmarks at my school's Family Reading Night this week.  If you are looking for a quick, easy, and satisfying project for readers of any age, this one is for you!
 There was quite a buzz at my table all night long.  At some point, I was helping someone and lost track of who had been given project directions. I quickly realized, however, that it didn't matter.  Give kids materials, and they will create!  I loved the patchwork bookmarks that emerged from my very large fabric scrap stash.

You can make them too:
*strips of cardstock about 2 inches wide
*glue stick
*fabric scraps
 First, put glue all over the cardstock strip.
Next, add fabric scraps.  Don't worry if the fabric hangs over the edges.  Press down the fabric so it'll stick well.
When you have the bookmark all covered, flip it over and trim off the excess fabric that hangs over the edge of the cardstock.  Now you have a Scrappy Bookmark!
I love how families worked together to make these little bookmarks.  Hopefully they will enjoy reading together for years to come!

Book Bags

 This week at Sewing Club, our theme was books.  The annual Book Swap is this week, so we thought it might be fun to sew up some book bags to go along with our new reads.
 Besides simple bags, some kids got creative.  I love this book pillow inspired by an original story, "If the World Were a Hamburger."
This book pouch is made from fleece and closes with hook and loop tape.

Books are a perfect sewing inspiration for kids.  Last year we made these cute bookmarks.

We've Got Spirit!!

The challenge at Sewing Club this past week was to take old school uniforms and transform them into something new.  The kids loved cutting, writing on, and remaking the clothing that they wear everyday. 
The school logo on a customized backpack tag.
Go team!  

Stuffed Dolphins

These cute dolphins were swimming all around a kindergarten class at my school.  Using the Stuffie project from Sewing School, each child designed and sewed up a dolphin of their very own!
It was a perfect beginning of the year project for the "Dynamic Dolphins" class.
I can't wait to see what they sew next!

Staple Dress Workshop

Staple Dress Workshop
Sew Memphis
Saturday, September 20, 9am-5pm

The Staple Dress has been my favorite dress pattern this season.  It's fun, versatile, and is open to lots of variations.  Plus, it offers an opportunity to learn new sewing skills.  I'm excited to teach others how to make this super cute dress and hope you can join me at Sew Memphis.
This one-day workshop will meet on Saturday, September 20 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Participants may break for lunch and take advantage of nearby eateries in Overton Square!  In addition, I'll also be at Sew Memphis on Wednesday, September 16th from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. to help with fabric selection and pattern preparation for those who want to make the most of Saturday's workshop time.
Learn new sewing skills:
  • following a pattern
  • installing side-seam pockets
  • elastic waist shirring
  • French hems
  • high-low hem
  • sizing

Check out this Flikr pool to see April Rhodes' celebrated Staple Dress pattern in a variety of fabrics.   You can also see my post about the dress.

Tic-Tac-Toe on the Go

 Our first sewing club project was Tic-Tac-Toe on the Go.  A fun, simple project that the kids got all excited about.  Who doesn't like playing an exciting round of tic-tac-toe?
 To make one, it's pretty simple.  Cut a felt square into fourths and muslin to match.  Draw the tic-tac-toe board onto the muslin with fabric markers.  Next, sew around three sides, leaving a short side open.
Close the top with 3 inches of hook and loop tape and pop in 6 buttons each of 2 different colors of buttons.
 Now, you're ready to play!
 A length of ribbon will turn the game into a on-the-go board!
The kids loved adding their own touches to the boards.
All the kids had success with the project and were playing their games within the hour.

Tic-Tac-Toe three in a row!

First Time Sewers

 Meet some of the newest members of Sewing Club!  Love all these eager, focused little sewers.
When sewing with kids, the right tools are key.  Look in the sidebar under the "In the Child's Sewing Basket" for the needles, thread, and threaders we swear by.
I also like to start out with a simple project that combines skill with creativity.  Being able to complete a project in under an hour allows young sewers to feel successful and satisfied.  In time, they will learn the satisfaction of working on a project over the course of a few weeks.
Looking forward to sharing all the fun with this year's Sewing Club with you!