Valentine Sewing

In Sewing Club this week, we set out a variety of Valentine prints and let the kids follow their imaginations!  From pillows, to heart shaped bags, to aprons, the kids had fun making Valentine themed projects.
 For more inspiration and ideas, click on the Valentines Day label and check out the Valentine sewing page on Instagram.

Scrappy Heart Pins

These sweet Scrappy Heart Pins we made in Sewing Club turned out so cute!  I love how each one is as unique as the sewer.  This would be a super fun party craft or if you got really into it, you could whip one up for each member of your class!
 Cut out a felt heart to use as the base.  Next, lightly glue stick fabric scraps to the heart.  It's OK if the scraps overlap the heart, you can trim it up later.
Time to sew!  You don't have to stitch down every little bit of fabric, just make sure you have a stitch or two here and there to keep the scrap in place.
 The older kids enjoyed machine stitching all around and back and forth.
 Hot glue a pin back or a magnet to the back of the heart. These would also be cute on headbands or as a necklace.

Stitching Up Dream Catchers

 In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  we stitched up dream catchers in Sewing Club.  While I know that traditional Native American stories explain that dream catchers capture bad dreams, we talked about MLK dream catchers only finding good dreams!
Since we have limited time at Sewing Club, I prepped the paper plates by cutting out the center and punching holes all around.  I also punched a few holes on the bottom edge.

The kids used yarn and plastic needles to weave the dream catcher.  When they finished with one color of yarn, they just tied a new piece to it and kept on going.

Using craft thread and chenille needles, the kids had fun stringing puff balls, bits of fabric, and feathers to the bottom.  We discovered that you can poke a needle right through a feather stem!  Once finished, a hole was punched in the top and a yarn hanger was added.
This little maker had fun cutting a shape around the edge of the paper plate and decorating it with markers.  Love how it turned out!
Here's to sweet dreams!

Sew Together

These sweet pictures of sewing together say so much.  Wishing you more sewing together in 2016!

Cooking Class: A Review

Santa, clever elf that he is, brought my cooking obsessed kids Cooking Class this Christmas.  They immediately wanted to try out several recipes.  We started with Sushi! California Rolls.

Cooking Class is published by Storey, the same publisher of Sewing School.   It reads very much like Sewing School and my kids were able to jump into the format easily.

It feels like Sewing School, only cooking.  There are great step-by-step photo illustrations, real kids in the kitchen cooking, and recipes that kids want to make.  And my kids wanted to make sushi!

The kids used their new knives, also courtesey of Santa, for chopping up the cucumbers and crab stix.

We had fun going to our local Asian market for all the necessary ingredients and supplies including a bamboo sushi mat!

Here is the new knife in action, cutting a successful roll.

The actual making of the rolls was a very messy endeavor.  Our first couple of rolls didn't look anything like the picture, but they tasted great - like real California Rolls!  Luckily our dog was around to clean up the rice speckled floor.
Next up are these yummy sounding breakfast sundaes!  I love how all the recipes are doable for kids. 
There are several "idea" pages such as this one for making a Chocolate Factory.  Those chocolate dipped potato chips have my name on them!
The back of the book has several pages of cute stickers, recipe cards, and even a game to spark dinner time conversation.
Bon Apetite!  I can't wait to try what the kids make next from Cooking Class.

The 14 Days of Christmas


Happy Holidays from my 2nd grade class!  We had fun rewriting the 12 Days of Christmas to the 14 Days of Christmas.

See you in 2016!

Preschool Holiday Sewing

We had fun stitching up these cute holiday bags with preschoolers.  They were "sew" proud of them!

I precut the green burlap and added a lacing string and plastic needle so that the kids could get started right away.  

Most kids knew just what to do, but a few needed some one-on-one assistance from some helpers.  Love how my older sewing students are now teaching the younger ones!

After sewing up three sides, I helped by adding a ribbon handle.  We cut ours about a yard long so the kids could wear them messenger style.

Let the decorating begin!  They loved, loved, loved the Christmas foamie stickers and spent a long time personalizing their bags.

It's tough to decide, who has the cuter bag!

These bags would also be fun to make with older kids.  You could use holiday fabric and craft thread. 

Happy holiday sewing!

Pickle in a Tanenbaum

"Pickle in a tannen, pickle in a tannen, pickle in a tannenbaum!"  

Do you know this catchy tune?  

It's all the rage at my school and prompted me to make this kid-friendly pickle ornament.  I used the pattern from While She Naps, but only used the pickle shape, not the inside piece.  Just cut 2, embroider on a face, and sew together.  

Super simple and fun on your tannenbaum!

Give Thanks: 5 Projects for Kids

I was just perusing posts of Thanksgivings past as I prepare for a Day of Thanksgiving in my second grade classroom.  It's hard to decide what to do, but the Oreo Turkeys are a must!

Thanksgiving Story Bracelet (via My Montessori Journey)

Having a quick link roundup is always handy, don't you think?  Off to plan my lessons!

Happy Thanksgiving to your family from mine!

Make a Fall Wreath

 It's finally fall here in the south and we celebrated the season this week in Sewing Club by making fall wreaths.  I already have Frankie's hanging on our front door.  It's so sweet!
 We used foam wreaths found at Dollar Tree, but you could use any style of wreath or large circle.  The silk leaves and flowers came from various craft stores.  We cut them into smaller sections for the kids to use.
 To begin, you have to make strips of fall colored fabric.  This was one of the best parts!  We showed the kids how to make a small snip on the selvedge of the fabric and then rip the fabric down the grain line.  They got really into the ripping!
Once you have a collection of strips, start wrapping them around your wreath.  When you get to the end, just tie on another strip of fabric.  Once your wreath is covered, either tie off the ends or tuck them under.
 Now you can get creative and decorate the wreath with silk leaves, felt birds and turkeys, or pinecones.  The kids used hot glue mostly, but we found you could also sew the leaves onto the wrapped fabric.  Just add a ribbon for hanging.  We also found that they made super cute fall crowns!

Happy Fall!